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iceDOME Minicamp 2014
A fantastic iceDOME summer 2014 comes to an end, but the golden autumn is coming.
We are glad to offer you two MINICAMPS 2014 in Oberstdorf.

Camp A: 25.10. - 28.10.14
Camp B: 30.10. - 02.11.14.

Our iceDOME Minicamps are advertised for beginners to junior skaters.
Application form and further information can be found under iceDOME > Minicamp.
Send the filled out application form to

Attention! Places are limited, so please register as soon as possible.

Keep calm and skate on
Completion of the 5 intensive and eventful iceDOME weeks - "skate with joy and happiness"

The young talent athletes from all over Europe, the United Arab Emirates, Mexico and Canada could gain many experiences, inspirations and new friends from the iceDOME.

After working with our international iceDOME coaching Team, the athletes are best prepared for the upcoming competition season.

On our website we will keep you up to date in our NEWS about the highlights of the skating season.

+ + + ISU JGP OSTRAVA (CZE) + + + iceDOME athletes at the Junior Grand Prix in Ostrava (03.09.-09.06.14). After the short program in the women´s category is Liubov EFIKMENKO (FIN) with 47.40 points on 8th place, Elizaveta UKOLOVA (CZE) with 43.95 points on 12th place and Anita ÖSTLUND (SWE) with 41.55 points in 14th place . Jan KURNIK (CZE) occupied after the SP in the men's category with 42.66 points on 15th place. The German ice dance couple Ria SCHWENDINGER / Valentin WUNDERLICH finished their first JGP with 87.92 points in 14th place.
+ + + ISU JGP LJUBLJANA + + + A very strong perfomance had Nicole SCHOTT (GER) at the Junior Grand Prix from the 27.08.-31.08.14 in Ljubljana. Already in the short program she exceeded her best performance and ended up after her free program on the 7th place with 140.96 points.

+ + + ICEDOME GETS FAMOUS SUPPORT + + + World Champion Robin Szolkowy (GER) and European Champion Tomas Verner (CZE) support the coaching staff in the summer camps 2014.

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